this is a salp.


(via Square biscuit starfish - Pixdaus)

Woah! The only photos of the biscuit seastar (Tosia australis) I’ve seen have the common five (albeit short and stumpy) “legs”, like so:

(Source: Jason Edwards, National Geographic)
And look at all the colors they can be!

So I wonder what’s going on with this one? Did something go wrong during development, or is it a natural variation in this species? So cool! 
More info about this species can be found here.

Shark, Bora Bora - © John Harrison


A new study found evidence that sailfish use their sharp bills for hunting schools of fish. They either use the bill like a sword to slash through a school and injure several of the fish, or they use it to lightly tap an individual in the group to separate and quickly capture it. Read the study here.
Image credit: Alexander Safonov

Seal Vs Octopus

On a dive underneat a pier in Victoria, Australia, I came across a juvenile Australian fur seal attacking and eating a large octopus. The seal would grab an arm of the octopus and tear off a chunk then come back and bite the head (maybe to stun the octopus?) before ripping off another mouthful.

Photograph by Phil Davison